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Combat energy for Polland from shale
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Combat energy for Polland from shale

Shale gas represents in both the United States and European Union an
important direction in hydrocarbon exploration and production.

Success in shale extraction and production requires a basic understanding of the complex nature of heterogeneous reservoirs as well as examining the key issues surrounding shale gas production in selected states, such as environmental concerns and market implications for the EU.1
The book explores the existing regulatory and environmental frameworks for
shale gas, especially those in the EU, as well as frameworks being developed in the United States with the objective of exploring the substantive law of shale gas development.
This monograph is the result of many months of researching by both authors
very interesting and controversial topic of shale gas extraction and production supported by the analysis of the case law of American and British courts in subject matter, providing a practical and timely overview of the shale gas industry.
Complex environmental, social and technical issues must be navigated by state agencies for the development of safe and sustainable hydraulic fracturing practices to unlock the full potential of this unconventional resource.

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