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Sport, turystyka

Cena: 24,90 PLN

Format: 148x210
Rok wydania: 2013
Liczba stron: 70
ISBN: 978-83-60660-90-4
Język: angielski
Autor: Juszczyk Damian
Wydawnictwo: Self publishing
Oprawa: Miękka

When two Spanish coaches decided to coach a foreign club’s basketball team for a longer period of time for the first time in their lives and when they chose the faraway and cold Poland as destination for their, as it turned out later, many years’ adventure, many people thought the two Spaniards were mad.

Their choice could had been criticised not only by their colleagues in the coaching community, but also by the fans of Wisła Can-Pack Cracow, where José Hernández and Jordi Aragonés decided to work. Many years later, the transfer of the two toreadors in women’s basketball turned out to be a great success, followed by many new trophies in the Cracow club’s display cabinet. The efforts also contributed to improving the overall performance of the entire Polish women’s basketball community.
Damian Juszczyk’s book is not only the story of the inseparable coaching duo. He describes their journey to an unknown country, their encounter with a new culture, their ups and downs. He attempts to portray the unique bond between the two Spaniards during their four basketball seasons together in Poland. This is a book about passion, sacrifice, emotions and the beauty of sport. This is a must-read for genuine Wisła fans, but also for all those whose hearts beat when the basketball performs a dance on the hoop to fall in the basket a moment later.


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